May Your Practice Succeed

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May Your Practice Succeed - A Buddhist Practice


Self-healing – how, why, and to what end? Buddha Shakyamuni gave the first comprehensive instruction for overcoming personal problems in life. This book is a fresh interpretation of this timeless Buddhist teaching – for people of our time and beyond religion and esotericism.

How does it work?
Through undergoing a personal practice.

What is this practice for?
It serves a profound and comprehensive change in the perspective towards our life and the world.

Why should one undergo this practice?
Because it allows us to overcome all problems: envy, greed, jealousy, fear or loss, illness and death, psychosomatic diseases, burn-out and all the other major and minor forms of suffering that continue to hold us captive.

These are great promises.
Peter Riedl can make these, because the Buddhist journey towards his inner life was the most exciting and most important aspect of his life. It is truly worthwhile to engage in these practices.

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May Your Practice Succeed - A Buddhist Practice

Peter Riedl

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